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Elementary School Hikes to Clinton Rally

Posted by lofgray on May 13, 2008

If there was to be any event that would confirm our school system is no longer simply Public education but, Government Education, it would be Hendersonville, NC on May 2nd. A Hendersonville Elementary School had become a ghost town during normal hours of operation. According to one witness, who was dropping her son off for tutoring; the classroom she passed was empty, the principle was gone, and only one woman manned the desk in the front office.

“I saw nobody until I reached the room the tutor was in.” said the mother. The school had taken a field trip. In fact it was more like a hike. Children in grades 1st through 5th walked to Hendersonville’s Historic Court House on N. Main St. to see Hillary Clinton Speak on her campaign trail. The schools had been encouraged by Jeff Collins, city councilman of Hendersonville to attend as a civics lesson. Although Mr. Collins is a noted Clinton supporter, he claims his urging wasn’t political in nature. I personally find this hard to believe.

Hendersonville NC, according to their news paper, Blue Ridge Now was uncertain that Mrs. Clinton would be appearing in Hendersonville until Wednesday night. In order to organize the schools participation, Mr. Collins had to notify the schools and permission slips had to be sent home all on Thursday, May 1st. Some parents, like my source, were completely unaware of the trip to see Hillary Clinton, while other parents were disgusted the trip was even being organized and decided to pull their kids from school for the day.

As a humble enquiring mind, in another state, I am unable to obtain any statistics on how many students actually attended the rally from the elementary school in comparison to how many students were absent for the day. I would like to know exactly how far the students had to walk in order to see Mrs. Clinton on her campaign trail. I would also like to know if the school intends to let the students witness “civics events” from any of the other candidates running for president this year.

As a parent, tax payer, and voter I am not just irritated I am flabbergasted that this even took place. Mr. Jeff Collin should be ashamed of himself for pulling students out of tax payer’s schools to acquire a Government Education. Not only that but, to have the students walk to Downtown N. Main St. with only a day’s notice to parents just so they could be advertisement fodder for Clinton’s campaign is a waste of their time, money, and education. They learned nothing that day except how to maintain their endurance in the rising spring heat. I could have educated my son better with the History Channel than to have him witness Clinton spewing false promises on more bad ways to fix oil prices and the tax system. Oddly I would feel the same way if the children had been bussed out to see John McCain regurgitate false climate change data. Children’s minds were manipulated, molded and bruised all in one day. While Clinton supporters may find this an uplifting event I am sure several others are just as frustrated as I am.

This comes as no surprise to many people, and I am sure this has been happening throughout the campaign season but I still can’t see the point in taking a seven year old more interested in Pokémon than politics to a rally for anything more than smiling at the camera and waving a banner they can’t even understand. For a High School student that will be old enough to vote in November the hike might have been worthwhile if they were taken by their parents, who should be the only authority in their lives permitted to instill a political view. For a child who won’t vote for another 6 to 9 years to be taken to a rally it is simply propaganda and manipulation. The people who encouraged elementary students to attend are the same people that preach fiction over facts, smother religious freedoms, and refuse the second and first amendments. These people refuse to notice the population of polar bears is on the rise not on a decline, they ignore the theory of evolution yet preach the theory of climate change and they are teaching your kids in Hendersonville, NC.

BlueRidgeNow article


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Home Schooling Elite Ideas

Posted by lofgray on April 29, 2008

A new threat to our nation is on rise. They come from many different classes, races, and religions. They are patient, loyal, and determined. They have the persistence of the army, and the creativity of terrorists. They are shunned by union Teachers, hated by the Republic of California, and ignored by local counties. They are the enemy of schools and parents across the nation.

It isn’t easy to spot one, like snipers they are crafty in camouflage. Look closely and you could find one browsing shelves at office supply stores, toy stores, art stores, and book stores country wide. The odds are one is there, with you at the grocery store, in your neighborhood, just down the street. Their minions most often give them away. Children abnormally well behaved, well educated, and displaying manners follow these abominations everywhere they go.

The population of homeschooling parents is on the rise and we as loyal lemmings must fight against the crisis. They are worse than global warming, the energy crisis and conservative voters combined. These seemingly innocent people will single handedly destroy the world by teaching their children such things as logic, critical thinking skills, independence, religion, lofty morals, and self reliance. These outlandish members of society encourage problem solving over memorization, free thinking over collectivism. They personally strive to educate their children to levels beyond the standard public so their breed will be better than yours. But, these elitists’ don’t stop there.

Stay at home parents who teach their children add to the unemployment percentage, bargain shop, and clip coupons to hurt our struggling economy. Instead of buying large taxable objects with their tax refund they’ll instead purchase used or discounted schooling materials for their spoiled, over disciplined children.

Your local county is doing their part to demoralize the home school movement. They are ignoring their education needs and making information like curriculum guidelines and text book resources difficult to obtain. Despite these efforts the home schooling elitists’ are inducting more members into their secret societies. We now need your help to abolish these radical ideas.

How can I help, you ask? First encourage your local representative to continue taxing these individuals for public education. Don’t let them use their school supplies for tax deductions. Continue to forget the love compassion and care they give to their children. Instead ridicule them for their long lonely days, endless responsibilities, and self sacrifice. Show off the extra money you have as a house hold with two working parents, your children’s social popularity and all the cool things you buy at full price. Encourage your children to tease, bully and ostracize their children. We didn’t stop with civil rights, we didn’t stop with abolishing slavery, and we won’t stop saving the environment from ourselves. So, we can’t stop upholding inefficient public education.

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“Welcome to Sena-Mart”

Posted by lofgray on April 17, 2008

“Welcome to Sena-mart”

A new store is being built in your neighborhood guaranteed to provide a shopping experience like no other, based off of the legislation practices in the U.S. senate. You may not agree yet that doesn’t matter cause, we’re making it anyways and removing your favorite shopping locations so you’ll have to shop here. Don’t worry our research shows we know what’s best, and you don’t know a thing.

Sena-mart, much like a mall will provide all the goods and services you need.

Please note the following shopping policies…

  • Immigrants and minorities shop Monday – Friday at 75% off all products except gas, corn, and Cuban cigars.
  • For those making more than $70,000 a year sales signs don’t apply.
  • If you have five or more children and no job many products will be free, except birth control.
  • Those with a yearly income less than $20,000, five richer shoppers will be selected to shop with high “welfare prices.” The difference will be giving to the poorer individual at the register.
  • Bitter Middle Class, Blue Collar, Gun toting, Bible lovers may shop on Sundays only between the hours of 9:00 am and 12:00 pm.
  • Special shopping carts available for Muslims, Buddhists, paganisms, scientologists, environmentalists, Satanists, and atheists. Carts are intended to accommodate your religious practices. (ex: pull out kneeling prayer pads, mini-Buddha carvings, incense, pentagrams and candles, beakers and Bunsen-burners, recyclable material, and black powder coating with horns, or unembellished chrome.)

o Crosses not allowed on store property.

  • All Customers will be handed mandatory CO2 emission thermometers upon entrance. CO2 output per customer will be added to charges at the register.

o Holding your breath is not permitted.

  • Some products and services may not be available to you because of your substantial income, suitable housing, or SUV – Please ask customer service for a list when entering the store.
  • No books containing knowledge, facts, or controversial ideas will be available for purchase without a permit

o Bibles not sold.

  • Sena-mart will close daily between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm for lunch. Those shopping after 2:00 pm must come prepared for extremely disgruntled sometimes postal government employees.
  • 25% sales tax most shoppers will receive will supply medical benefits for those people too lazy to get it on their own.
  • 13% sales tax to the financially stable will provide benefits to people to stupid to buy a house they could actually afford.
  • 10% sales tax will benefit global warming propaganda.
  • 2% sales tax may go to education but most likely to government representative salaries.
  • Doors entering and exiting the store will be monitored buy “boundary control” personnel (not permitted to enforce regulations) and hidden cameras (not expected to function) to ensure customer safety.
  • Sena-mart employees reserve the right to add, amend, enforce, or ignore all shopping rules and regulations at their digressions.

Shop happy, ‘cause you can’t go anywhere else.

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